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It was the spring of 2014, inside a packed arena in Copenhagen, and all eyes were on Katrin Davidsdottir as she looked up at a metal rig with a long rope hanging from it. None of them could believe what they were seeing.

She had come into this final event in the lead, a rising star from Iceland built better than a statue, and now women were racing up ropes all around her, finishing while she stood and stared up […]

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To most of the world, Ben Bergeron is the coach of CrossFit Games champs Mathew Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir. To a group of athletes at CrossFit New England, he’s the guy who’s owned the regular 8:30-a.m. slot for years.

Bergeron could easily give up that 8:30 class, but he’s as dedicated to helping office workers and firefighters achieve a lifetime of health and fitness as he is to helping elite athletes win the CrossFit Games.

What works for Fraser does not necessarily work for a retired CEO, so Bergeron carefully tailors his coaching style to fit the athlete’s goals, whether that’s winning the CrossFit Games or pursuing lifelong health and fitness […]