The Pursuit of Excellence

Ben Bergeron

May 6, 2017

From my early days as an affiliate owner, I have been driven by the adage that the “blind and relentless pursuit of excellence ” is what determines success. This stunningly simple and profound recommendation that Coach Greg Glassman spread to the affiliate Community years ago was one of the original things that drew me to becoming a CrossFit affiliate owner.

I believe in the pursuit of excellence and have centered my entire business on this concept. At first glance, the notion of excellence can seem broad, general and vague. Sure, excellence is a noble goal worthy of any business owner’s time and effort, but how does the pursuit of excellence drive the day-to-day operations of an affiliate? I believe understanding this concept can direct decisions, establish core values and competencies, and ultimately determine the success of an affiliate.

The pursuit of excellence, in regards to operating a world-class CrossFit affiliate, has everything to do with your current members. It has to do with their happiness inside and outside the walls of your gym. It relates to their growing confidence and their acceptance as a part of your community, and it has to do with their health, wellness, fitness and results. In other words, the pursuit of excellence is the pursuit of improving the lives of your members.

This seems simple enough, and it is. Just don’t confuse simple with easy.